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Belize Electricity Limited’s Board of Directors is appointed by the Government of Belize, which holds 32.58% interest in the Company, by the Social Security Board, which holds a 31.26% interest and by Fortis Cayman Inc. which holds a 33.30% interest in BEL.

The Board of Directors of BEL is comprised of:

  1. Mr. Rodwell Williams (Chairman)
  2. Mr. Alan Slusher (Deputy Chairman)
  3. Mr. Louis Lue (Director and Company Secretary)
  4. Mr. Rene Montero (Director)
  5. Mr. James Laurito (Director)
  6. Ms. Kay Menzies (Director)
  7. Mr. Lynn Young (Director)
  8. Mr. Dennis Garbutt (Director)
  9. Mr. Marcello Blake (Director)
  10. Mr. Ariel Mitchell (Director)
  11. Mr. Ramon Witz (Director)
  12. Mr. Anthony Michael (Director)

The Government of Belize (GOB) appoints the Chairman to BEL’s Board of Directors and Directors Mr. Dennis Garbutt, Mr. Louis Lue, Rene Montero and Mr. Anthony Michael are also appointed by GOB. Directors appointed by the Social Security Board are Mr. Marcello Blake, Mr. Ramon Witz and Mr. Ariel Mitchell. Directors appointed by Fortis Cayman Inc. are Mr. James Laurito, Ms. Kay Menzies, and Mr. Lynn Young. Mr. Alan Slusher is appointed by the Board of Directors.



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