E-Service gives you...
With E-Service, you can access all your *BEL accounts from home or abroad.

You can view your:

  • Past Bills.
  • Meter Reading History.
  • Electric Consumption  History and Account Transaction History.

E-Service provides easy access for making bill payments via your local online bank
account or with your Visa or Master Card credit cards.
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E-Service puts you in control. You can now:

  • Submit Service Requests to BEL directly from your E-Service account.  
  • You can now also print copies of your bills which are received after you've
    registered for E-Service.
Another great option offered by E-Service is receiving e-mail notifications:

  • When your bill is ready. (e-Bill)
  • When payments are due; and (Bill Due)
  • When payments are made. (e-Payment)
You can also opt to receive SMS updates, an invaluable free service which lets you
know when your bill is past due and which helps in avoiding disconnections.  
Mobile Updates.
Paperless Billing is one of the easiest ways for you to have a positive impact in the
world. BEL's E-Service offers you just that.

Sign up for Paperless Billing.

When registering each of your accounts with E-Service, just select 'False' for the
'Want Printed Bill?" option. It's that easy to switch to Paperless Billing.
The Power To Do Good.
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