Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) and its employees understands the importance and need to care for our Environment. Learn
about our Company's many initiativesto reduce our impact on our environment.   
OUR PASSION - The Environment
Reduce, Reuse & Recycle
Conserving Energy
Despite being the largest distributor of electricity in Belize, BEL
continuously campaigns both company wide and publicly for the
efficient use and conservation of energy.

One such initiative is BEL's light switch campaign. Found throughout
the Company, light switch signage serves as a constant reminder to
employees to always remain energy conscious. BEL also provides
public campaigns on how homes and businesses can
save money
by conserving energy.

Prudent energy use and conservation helps to save money but
more importantly contributes towards the global efforts to reduce  
human impact on our climate.
To learn more about BEL's Environmental practices or how you can also help contact BEL by clicking here.
Keeping our Environment Clean
Through BEL's Reduce, Reuse and Recycling Program, the
consistently aims to reduce its use of paper by going
digital. Employees aim to minimize the use of paper by using
double-sided printing as the default setting for all printers.

The Company encourages customers to also go digital by
registering for paperless billing.

BEL also supports the recycling of plastic, paper and electronic
waste.  Employees are encouraged to collect recyclables and place
them in the appropriate bins, found in offices countrywide.
BEL's Environmental Management System (EMS) was established in
2004 and the Company is working diligently to achieve full  
compliance of the System in 2014.

As part of BEL's EMS, the Company aims at reducing oil spills by
engaging employees in training, reporting and tracking as well as
undertaking cleanup measures for all incidents.

Involving employees in training sessions as well as environmental
upkeep and restoration initiatives, ensures continued environmental
awareness within the Company.