Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) is a health centered employer. Learn how and why BEL and its employees make Health an
important part of life's business.
From cycling to yoga or kick-boxing, BEL encourages employees to
'Get Moving' by supporting and engaging in a fitness program or
maintaining a healthy eating lifestyle.

The Company supports employee enrollment in fitness gym programs
and participation in community activities which promote fitness and
raise awareness on health issues
such as The  Social Security
Board's Ride Across Belize event
, 2013 Cancer Walk Annual Cancer
Walk and others.
Staying Active
Health Checkups
During BEL's 2013 Safety and Health Week, the Company afforded
its employees with free Blood Pressure and Diabetes testing and in
keeping with its Health and Safety Standards, continues
to undertake
random drug testing
and provides counseling options to those
requiring the service.
To learn more about BEL's Health & Safety initiatives contact BEL by clicking here.