Existing Meter Connection  refers to when a customer is applying for electricity
service at a location that has an existing service/meter. To process the following
request customers need to visit the nearest
Customer Care office or submit a
signed request.

Requirements for Residential Customers:

  1. Social Security Card.
  2. Service Address (Lot Number and Street Name)
  3. If connection is being requested on the behalf of a prospective applicant; a
    written request from the applicant must be presented along with the Social
    Security Card of the prospective account holder.
  4. Meter number located at the premise you wish to move into.
  5. Contact number(s) / e-mail address.

Requirements for Businesses:

  1. Service Address (Lot Number and Street Name).
  2. Meter Number located at  the  address you wish to move into.
  3. Request MUST be submitted in writing (The document MUST be on company
    letterhead and/or with a company stamp.)
  4. Written request must be signed by business owner or his authorized
    designate along with a copy of signatory’s Social Security card or passport.
  5. Name of landlord if applicant is a tenant.
  6. Mailing Address if different from the Service Address.
  7. Contact Number / Email Address.
  8. GST Certificate or Number (If applicable).